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Date: 20/04/2007 20:10:58
Written By: Giulio Colella
Article: The Reality-Training System was born around the year 2007 in the City of Naples, created by the Master Giulio Colella for the personal defense of civil, police and military. Giulio Colella one of the most complete national and international self-defense experts in the civil, police and military sector; International Master of Kapap Lotar and Krav Maga; Kick Boxing Master; MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Instructor and Female Anti-aggression Instructor; former VFB Italian Army; currently Professor of the Regional School of Local Police of the Campania Region, he has instructed various Police Commands of the Campania Region, instructed the Raiders of the Italian Special Forces, instructed the Security Operators, such as bouncers, bodyguards and Sworn Guards, and trained the military of the Armed Forces, such as Army and Navy, and the pilots of the Air Force. Giulio Colella's Reality-Training System has in recent years tried to revolutionize the world of personal and professional defense and many martial arts, each time finding great amazement and success among practitioners. The Reality-Training System which literally means "Training system to reality" is precisely, and sorry for the following pun, a self-defense system based on reality. And this reality Our Master Giulio Colella knows it all too well forced to defend himself from a young age and to operate in a difficult land like that of Naples. The Reality-Training System is a complete and extremely effective personal defense system which however sees, first of all, in the study of PREVENTION and common sense, a fundamental part of its training path together with the study of legitimate defense, psychology of confrontation, pre-post conflict, strategic communication, meta-communication, safety distance, proxemics, SAP analysis (subjects, environments, dangers), and much more ... As far as the physical part is concerned, the Reality-Training System provides a solid athletic preparation as well as mental preparation, where the PHYSICAL AND NERVOUS CONDITIONING component is fundamental. By physical conditioning we mean the strengthening of all those bone and muscle parts that will be protagonists in the fight. By nervous conditioning, on the other hand, we mean the development of reactive motor skills such as reflexes and timing. A fundamental aspect that distinguishes the Reality-Training System is its technical background, since over the years it has been able to select mainly TECHNIQUES BASED ON human INSTINCT, that is, which follow those that are the natural instinctive movements of man in conditions of high stress and of real danger. For this reason they turn out to be easier RAPID LEARNING than the classic martial arts which instead require long years of training to metabolize techniques that do not follow or even go against those that are the natural instinctive reactions of the human body. However, the Reality-Training System is mainly a training system to prepare for the impact with the reality of a bloody battle, and is based precisely on a TRAINING BASED ON REALITY that simulates the real operational contexts and that, after a period of physical and technical preparation, imposes own practitioners to train with "ACTION VIOLENCE". The action therefore, wearing the necessary protections, is performed at maximum speed and determination and the opponents react to each action, in a chain of action-reaction-counter-reaction process. In this phase all possible variations in the action between the attacker and the defender in what the author defines as: A.R.C (ACTION - REACTION - CONTROREATION). This is precisely the beating heart of the system: the A.R.C. it is the study and prevention of possible instinctive counter-reactions of the attacker following our defense. Our defense will therefore have to be based on the attacker's instinctive counter-reaction. LET'S UNDERSTAND BETTER ... FOR EXAMPLE, WHAT CONTROREACTION WILL THE AGGRESSOR HAVE WHEN YOU GRAB HIS ARMED HAND TO DEFEND YOURSELF ? Well, it wasn't difficult for the founder of R.T.S. understand that the ONLY instinctive counter-reaction of the attacker will be to RETRACT THE ARMED HAND, just as a child when he puts his hand on the fire immediately withdraws his hand. And then our defense must be based by calculating the aggressor's counter-reaction, that is, by calculating that the aggressor will not remain there to suffer our reaction but WILL PULL HIS HAND BACK WITH ALL HIS STRENGTH. THE MISTAKE OF MANY MARTIAL ARTS IS HERE: train only on action-reaction; the training partner who performs the attacking action then paralyzes himself without any counter-reaction, suffering reaction from the partner who defends himself. THIS IS PURE MADNESS !!! It seems incredible and yet you just have to enroll in any self-defense course or watch the videos on the net to immediately realize it. You will always see one attacking and then "paralyzing" (ie without any counter-reaction) while the other quietly carries out his defense techniques. Although in the gym this way of training can be included in an initial learning phase of the students in which not applying resistance is useful in order not to create further difficulties for the student who is trying to learn the mechanisms of the technique. But once you have learned the basic movements, you need to go to phase 2, that is to apply a resistance and counter-reaction to the defense, otherwise the student will never become truly aware of his own abilities and of the effective or non-efficacy of the technique, since he has not been able to really experience it, and running the risk, on the other hand, of creating false illusions. Each defensive technique of the R.T.S system is instead created and tested by calculating the aggressor's counter-reaction and exploiting this to the advantage of the defender. To all this is added the study of the "UNPREDICTABILITY OF EVENTS", namely the awareness that in reality there is a concrete possibility that nothing will go as we had foreseen. It will therefore be necessary to set up specific training sessions in the gym that provide for the aggressor to apply different counter-reactions, at random, even apparently without logic, therefore disordered and therefore unpredictable. Those who defend themselves will have to react by adapting to the unexpected in the shortest possible time. Another fundamental aspect is the issue of SPARRING (light combat in the gym with protections). Be wary of those courses where sparring is not contemplated, according to the principle that you cannot learn to fight without fighting. Only through sparring can you learn: the timing, hit a moving target with force, , the defense, the endurance and the management of everything related to a fight. Knowing the technique is not enough, you must be able to apply it on someone who does not want to be applied with all his strength. The last fundamental aspect in the Reality-Training System is the physical and psychological stress factor that precedes and / or accompanies all the training of the practitioners; also commonly referred to as "STRESS INOCULATION TRAINING". It stems from the concept that generally in a real fight, on the street, we will never fight better than we trained in the gym. This is because the impact with reality changes everything. We are already lucky if we can give 50% of the performance that we are normally able to give in the gym without stress. The reality training system, known as Giulio Colella's Reality-Training System , will help us get closer to our 100%. In summary, the 10 Principles of R.T.S.: 1) Prevention 2) Physical and nervous conditioning 3) Techniques based on Instinct 4) Fast learning 5) Training based on "reality" 6) "Violence of Action" 7) A.R.C (Action - Reaction - Counter-reaction) 8) Study of the "unpredictability of events" 9) Sparring 10) Stress Inoculation Training (Training with physical and psychological "stress") R.T.S. IS BASED ON SOME CONCEPTS: WHEN WE TRY A PERSONAL DEFENSE TECHNIQUE WE MUST ASK US ONLY ONE QUESTION: IS IT EFFECTIVE? WILL THIS REALLY WORK IN A REAL SITUATION, AND NOT ONLY IN THE GYM TRAINING ? QUESTIONS TO ASK TO ESTABLISH IF A TECHNIQUE IS EFFECTIVE: KNOW THE TECHNIQUE 1. Is it simple? (i.e. it consists of a few simple steps to perform) 2. Does it follow what are the natural instincts of man? 3. Does it follow the instinctive reactions of the body and mind in a real dangerous situation? 4. Is it explosive? (i.e. it is sudden, fast and at full power, therefore not predictable) 5. Does it work at real execution speed, i.e. could i run it at full speed? 6. And if I try it at full speed how many times do I happen to be wrong? 7. Have I checked the biomechanics of this technique? KNOW YOURSELF 1. PRE-CONFLICT: am I mentally prepared to actually practice this technique? 2. CONFLICT: am I willing to apply the use of force on another until the danger is eliminated? 3. POST-CONFLICT: am I able to psychologically overcome the traumatic event? KNOW YOURSELF IN REALITY 1. Could I apply it under stress? 2. Could I apply it in the absence of oxygen? 3. Could I apply it in a confused and disoriented state? 4. Could I apply it in a state of anger? 5. Could I apply it in a Tunnel Vision state? KNOW THE AGGRESSOR 1. Could I apply it against an attacker who suddenly attacks me? 2. Could I apply it against a strongly aggressive and violent attacker? 3. Could I apply it against an unscrupulous attacker willing to kill for 2 bucks? 4. Could I apply it against an attacker who is under the influence of drugs? 5. Am I sure I can stop an attacker willing to do anything with a single blow and then move on to the next techniques? 6. Have I studied and prevented the possible instinctive reactions of my attacker following my defense? Or do I think it's just a mannequin standing there with no counter-reaction? 7. If it were you in his place would you really have a knife removed from your hand with a single blow and a few attempts at disarming technique? or would you let out the "fire" inside just not to let go of the knife ..? TRY TO ASK ALL THESE QUESTIONS WHEN SOMEONE TEACHES YOU A PERSONAL DEFENSE TECHNIQUE! "The fighter who uses the most effective basic techniques is the one who generally wins." Giulio Colella "A thousand techniques can be known, but very few can be used successfully in the face of an aggressive and skillful opponent." Giulio Colella "Knowing the technique is not enough, you must be able to apply it on someone who is truly able to resist you". Giulio Colella Bruce Lee was the first in the world to introduce the concept of "openness" to martial arts, to have no limits, to broaden one's martial horizons, not to remain closed in one's own art .. but to grow all together .. He he invented the Jeet Kune Do which is the art of adapting to everything .. he said he was like water that flows and adapts to any shape that contains it .. he realized from a young age, following the experience of many clashes sustained on the street, that his original art Wing Chun Kung Fu was not suitable alone to face the reality of street fighting .. and he began to study other arts including western boxing, wrestling, muay thai and many others .. He was the first to understand that martial arts only serve to divide men .. we must open up horizons .. it is the only way to grow all together .. Sometimes among Krav Maga practitioners we hear that in Israel the most important Masters perform a technique in a certain manner.or in another manner.. and it is assumed that it is the one and only right way .. just because a great master of the discipline says so .. think if Bruce Lee had remained alone in the teachings of Wing Chun only because taught by the famous Master Yip Man .. today he would not be Bruce Lee. "Have as limit no limit ..." "Use what's useful and discard the superfluous ..." "Be yourself, now and forever." Bruce Lee Imi, founder of Krav Maga, left the following teaching to his heirs .. as did Bruce Lee with his Jeet Kune Do, namely that Krav Maga is not a closed system, but rather an open one .. it must be improved .. and must be removed all those things that for modern times no longer work, or must be modified and readapted .. and vice versa others that are more effective must be added .. During times of change, those who know how to learn inherit the land, while those who just know will find themselves very well equipped to face a world that no longer exists " Eric Hoffer "And when will you hear that the Reality-Training System, it's this and it's not that, you smile, the Reality-Training System is just a brand, it's just a lighting concept. The reality are you" Giulio Colella

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